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Pocket Laser Tachometers

Model MT-1B Pocket Laser Tachometer
Compact Pocket Design
Sharp Visible Laser Beam
Up to 60" Range
Contact or Non-Contact Operation
Measures RPM & Velocity
Simple One Button Operation
14 Memories
Converts Metric & English Readings
Long Battery Life
NIST Certificate
Complete Kit of Contact Adapters
One Year Warranty

The Model MT-1B Pocket Laser Tachometer is a compact and highly accurate industrial measuring instrument designed for ease of use and maximum versatility in the plant and field. With MT-1B measures total revolutions (REV), revolutions-per-minute, and length in yards, feet, and meters.

14 reading memory with up to ten selectable measurements, including minimum, maximum, and final. New energy saving design provides long battery life from three AA Alkaline batteries.

The instrument comes as a complete kit with Carrying Case, 6" Circumference Wheel, Funnel Adapter, Cone Adapter, Contact Adapter, Reflective Tape, NIST Certificate and Instruction Manual.


Display 5 digit 0.47" (12mm) height LCD
Rotation Speed Non-contact/Contact 6.0-99,000 RPM
Surface Speed 6" Wheel (m/min.) 1.0-3.09.8
(yards/min.) 36-99,999
(feet/min.) 3.0-12,499
Length-(Using 6" wheel) (M) 0.2-99,999-
(yards) 0.2-99,999-
(feet) 0.5-99,999
Total RPM 1-99,999
Accuracy Revolution 6.0-599.9 rpm:± 1rpm
600-99,999 rpm:±0.006% & ±0.5 digit
Surface speed, length 0.4% and ± 1 digit
Memory function 14 Readings are stored in memory and retained for five minutes (Last, Max, Min, average, and 10 selectable measurements.)
Update time One Second
Detection Laser Diode
Auto Power Off 5 Minutes
Batteries Included 3 AA 1.5V
Low Battery Indicator Flashing "LO BAT" in display
Over Range Indicator Flashing “OVR” display
Operating Temperature 32-110°F (0-45°C)
Case Construction ABS Resin
Dimensions 4.55" L x 2.52" W x 1.24" H
(115.5 mm x 64 mm x 3.15 mm)
Length with contact adapter: 149 mm
Weight With batteries: .35 Lb. (160 )g
Accessories Storage Case, Cone Adapter, Funnel Adapter, Master Wheel (6"), Contac Adapter, 25 reflective tapes, NIST Certificate, Instructions

Hand Tachometers

Model MF-2 Combination Hand Tachometer

Our newest precision tachometer with NIST Certification included.

Using the latest in microprocessor technology, the MF-2 can be used as a non-contact or a contact tachometer simply by adding or removing the supplied slide-in adapter. It measures RPM from 1 to 99,999 as well as FPM, mPM and IPM. It can also measure the length of moving surfaces in feet, meters or inches. In the non-contact mode, RPM is measured by means of a visible beam of light. The meter can be held up to 24" away from a small piece of reflective tape attached to the rotating part. In the contact mode, one of the contact adapters is held against the rotating element. The bright LCD display has a low battery indicator, memory indicators, on-target indicator and unit of measure indicators. Accuracy is 0.02% and built in memory stores maximum, minimum and last reading results. The instrument features rugged construction and comes with a five year warranty. Includes case and accessories. NIST certification is included at no extra cost.


DH-4M Microprocessor Controlled Digital Hand Tachometer

Bright LED Display • Multi-mode speed selection
N.I.S.T. Calibration Included • Wide Speed Range

In addition to measuring rotational linear and surface speeds, our new model DH-4M now measures total length in meters , centimeters, inches, feet and yards. Other new features include longer lasting battery life with fewer batteries and increased memory. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, the rugged DH-4M hand tachometer offers the latest in microprocessor technology to provide the utmost in accuracy and versatility. a die cast aluminum housing insures durability and protection.

Measures from 0.1 to 25,000RPM with a floating decimal for automatic indication in tenths from 0.1 to 999.9

Per Minute: RPM, FPM, mPM, YPM, IPM
Per Hour: RPH, FPH, mPH, YPH, MPH

Provides last reading maximum, minimum, and 10 additional speed readings- automatically or by selection.

Comes with carrying case, master wheel, 2 cone adapters, 1 funnel adaptor, 3 1/2 extension shaft, batteries.

A single-range low inertia drive system uses optical loading. The result is minimum shaft loading and elimination of the possibility of instrument damage because of over speed on too low a range setting.




Deumo Precision Eddy Current Hand Tachometer

The Sticht MT-200 & MT-500 mechanical tachometer accurately measures rotational and surface speed.

The MT-200 & MT-500's rugged construction and portability make It an ideal choice for maintenance personnel, machine operators or others in a wide variety of machinery and material handling applications.

This analog tachometer does not require batteries which makes it a perfect tool for field service personnel.

Measuring Ranges MT-200
RPM: 16-200 / 160-2,000 / 1,600-20,000
FPM: 4.8-60 / 48-600 / 480-6,000

RPM: 40-500 / 400-5,000 / 4,000-50,000
FPM: 12-150 / 120-1,500 / 1,200-15,000

Accuracy ±0.5% Full Scale
Dimensions 3.3 x 6.1 x 1.8" (85 x 155 x 45 mm)
Weight 11 oz
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Warranty 1 year

The Deumo MT-200/MT-500 is supplied as a complete kit that includes five (5) cone tips, funnel tip and surface speed wheel in a hard-plastic carrying case.



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