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Tachometer Generators


Series B
Direct Current Tachometer Generators

Low Ripple Standco Model B Direct Current Tachometer Generators specifically designed for use on Feedback Systems and Speed Control Application
These reliable direct current generators provide a voltage output directly proportional to the rotational speed of the armature shaft and are specifically designed for speed control applications.

Base mounted or Flange mounted
Base mounted, flange mounted or combination units are available, with voltage output of 100 volts DC, 50 volts DC or 40 volts DC per 1000 RPM.

Heavy Duty. Splashproof. Explosion Proof.
The totally enclosed, heavy-duty housing on these Standco Generators are splashproof and designed to withstand normal industrial conditions including coarse dust, vibration and wide range of ambient temperatures. Explosion proof models are also available. Call us for further information and specifications.

Quality-built to last!
Silver graphite carbon brushes ensure maintenance-free performance over a long period of time. High precision sealed ball bearings eliminate the need for periodic bearings lubrication. Special greases with melting point of over 320F lubricate the bearings.

Superior magnets.
Temperature compensated.

Scientifically aged Alnico magnets which overcome aging problems inherent with ordinary magnets are used in all Standco generators. Temperature coefficient of these temperature compensated generators is 0.005% per degree C.

Versatility to suit your particular needs
Model B generators perform equally well whether installed horizontally or vertically. A wide variety of gears, couplings, timing belts and other drive arrangements can be supplied to connect the generator to the prime mover.

How to install and operate Standco Model B Generators
Electrical connections are made through the terminal box on the side of the generator. A two-wire insulated conductor size AWG No. 14, or AWG No. 16, may be used. The terminal box design ensures that the wiring and connection will be electrically and mechanically secure.

Maximum permissible generator load is 12 watts at 3000 RPM. If the generator is used at higher speeds, the load resistance must be rated so that the maximum load of 12 watts is not exceeded. Maximum speeds for the generator are based on the maximum voltage permissible for the commutators.

Maximum linearity error when full power is taken from the generator is less then 1.5%. When the external resistance increases to 10 times the value, the error reduces to 0.5%. All generators are temperature compensated. The temperature coefficient is 0.0005% per degree C.

Specifications Type BH-2-100
Base Mounted

Type BH-1-100
Flange Mounted
Type BH-2-40
Base Mounted

Type BH-1-40
Base Mounted
Type BG-H-50
Base or Flange Mounted
Voltage Output With 4 Watt Load Connected 2% 100V DC per 1000 RPM 40V DC per 1000 RPM 50V DC per 1000 RPM
Maximum Permissible Speed Range 6500 RPM 9000 RPM 8000 RPM
Maximum Load Rating 40 milliamperes DC 100 milliamperes DC 80 milliamperes DC
Lead Connections Under Terminal Cover Under Terminal Cover Under Terminal Cover
Bearings Ball Bearings Ball Bearings Ball Bearings
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Totally Enclosed Totally Enclosed
Internal Resistance 195 Ohms 29 Ohms 51 Ohms
Temp. Coefficient @ 70F 0.005% per degree C (temp. compensated) 0.005% per degree C (temp. compensated) 0.005% per degree C (temp. compensated)
Ripple Less then 0.5% Less then 0.5% Less then 0.5%
Static or Breakaway Torque 1.95 oz. in 1.95 oz. in 1.95 oz. in
Reversing Error Less then 0.5% Less then 0.5% Less then 0.5%
Field Alnico Alnico Alnico
Armature 19 slots, 57 bars 19 slots, 57 bars 19 slots, 57 bars
Number of Poles 2 2 2
Brushes 2 2 2
Mounting BH-2-100-base
base and flange
Shaft Extension 1.18" 1.18" .91"
Shaft Diameter .433" .433" .3125"
Approx. Overall Length 7.18" base, 7.25" flange 7.18" base, 7.25" flange 7.5"
Net Weight 5 lbs. 8 oz. 5 lbs. 8 oz. 5 lbs. 9 oz.

Model ACA AC Tachometer Generators
Model ACA-2

These AC tachometer generators have a voltage output of 50 VAC per 1,000 RPM and are designed for industrial and marine applications where accuracy reliability and long service life are major considerations. The Model ACA Generators are available for both flange and base mounting. A completely waterproof model is offered for applications involving exposure to high levels of moisture or dust. They are also intended for use in plants where frequent wash downs or cleaning is necessary.

Model D AC Tachometer Generators

With an output of 5 VAC per 1,000 RPM, the Model D Generators are ideal for applications where a rugged, small size, economical and dependable generator is required. They can be flange mounted or base mounted with a bracket.


Model C DC Tachometer Generator

This heavy duty, totally enclosed generator is particularly well suited for very slow speed operation and is also designed for center zero applications such as are found in the marine industry. Without any up gearing, it can be used at speeds as low as 100 RPM when the indicator reads full scale. Base or flange mounting is available. It has an output of 50 VDC at 1,000 RPM. other models available with a 6 VDC per 1,000 RPM.

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