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Static Electricity Eliminators


Magic Wand Static Neutralizer

The Magic Wand is the safe, cost effective way to eliminate the problems of static electricity in the printing industry and in paper, film, plastic, textile and rubber processing applications. Since it uses no complex electrical or mechanical components, the Magic Wand is low in cost and easy to install without changes in existing machinery. There are no maintenance or operating expenses. The absence of high voltage transformers and cables eliminates the possibility of shocks or sparks caused by faulty insulation. In addition, the Magic Wand emits no radioactive rays that could possibly cause health problems. Material being processed can not be damaged by the Magic Wand since there are no sharp points. The Magic Wand can be ordered in special lengths to fit your equipment without additional costs.

  • Calendering of rubber plystock, plastic films & high quality paper
  • Spreading or coating of rubber or plastic compounds onto textiles, paper or leather
  • Drying in various forms by festoon, conveyor or vertical dryers
  • Multi-colored printing of newspapers, plastic sheeting and textiles
  • Weaving, brushing, rewinding, let-off, and similar operations in the textiles industry
  • Driving and conveying  belts of various types and compositions
  • Passing of paper, textiles, plastics & rubber sheeting or films through systems of heating or cooling drums
  • Slitting and bias cutting of paper, textiles, coated products & plastic films
  • Operations in the manufacture & processing of film products in the motion picture industry

The "Magic Wands" are shown here by symbols in the best locations on spreaders to eliminate fire or explosion hazards. Dots indicate accumulation of flammable vapor-air mixtures.

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