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Surface Speed Indicators

These rugged, easy-to-install instruments have a 12" circumference rubber surfaced pick-up wheel that rides directly on the moving surface. They provide instant and continuous readings in those applications where the roll diameter changes constantly due to build up of material such as in textile, paper, plastic or other production, reroll or processing operations. Accuracy is maintained because the tachometer will always show true linear or surface speeds regardless of the size of the drum on which the wheel rides.

Model SM Mechanical Centrifugal Type

Indicates speed in FPM or YPM. 3600 instrument scale is 4', in diameter. Indicates speed in either direction. Ranges available go from 5-60 to 200-2400 FPM and 2-24 to 50-600 YPM. Other ranges are available.


Model SE Magnetic Type

The Model SE with its magnetic tachometer head is particularly suited to measuring low and very low surface speeds in IPM, FPM and YPM. It is individually calibrated and features a 4" diameter hand drawn scale for greatest accuracy. Head can be rotated 3600 for viewing from any position. Ranges: 0-180 IPM, 0-2,500 FPM and 0-75 YPM depending on scale specified.

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