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Running Time Meters


Type T-41 Running Time Meters

Measuring only 1 7/8" square, these panel mounted meters provide actual running time of any AC operated machinery, system or equipment. They read a maximum of 99,999.99 hours in 1/100 of an hour increments. Counters are driven by a quiet, self- starting, synchronous motor and operate maintenance free. Accuracy is 100% at nominal frequency. Supplied in an insulated, high impact plastic case for U-clamp mounting.

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STANDCO Vibration Non Electric
Type T-75 Running Time Meters

(2 1/2") Round Flush
Type T-75
With U-Shape Clamp (Stirrup Mounting)

This running time meter operates without electrical power source when mounted on rotating machinery or on equipment where vibration occurs during operation.

The T-75 is a ruggedly constructed running time meter designed for easy installation. Vibration generated by the equipment on which it is mounted is the only energy necessary for its operation. The mechanism of the instrument converts vibration into a rotary motion to drive the minute sweep hand and 5-digit total hour counter. installation requires nothing more than the units attachment to the equipment-- no wiring or mechanical couplings are involved.

Two models are available: one for horizontal mounting and one for vertical mounting. both can be mounted within a 45 degree limit.

Unit records minutes and hours and operation is automatic with the meter starting and stopping simultaneously with the engine. The sweep hand makes one revolution in 60 minutes . 5-digit counter is of the non-reset type and registers up to 99999 hours after which it automatically resets to zero . the shockproof movement is housed in a splashproof case with a chrome plated face ring.

The T-75 can be used on equipment ranging from very low to high speeds. regardless of actual speed in RPM of the prime mover, the actual running time is correctly recorded.

When ordering, specify T-75-H for horizontal mounting up to 45
and T-75-V for vertical mounting up to 45.

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Fork Lift Trucks Pumps and Similar Machinery Road Construction Machinery


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