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Fluke Digital Multimeters


Fluke introduces three new meter families 110s, 170s, and 180s, and measure for measure, they lead the industry in features, accuracy, and value.
The Compact Fluke   The Toughest Fluke   The Smartest Fluke

.7% - basic dc accuracy
6000-count resolution
three year warranty
.09% basic dc accuracy
6000-count resolution
1000v rated inputs
lifetime warranty
.025% basic dc accuracy
50,000-count resolution
100khz ac bandwidth
stand-alone logging
lifetime warranty


10 Series - A family of compact meters for electrical, electronic, hvac and automotive troubleshooting 70 Series 3 - Designed for industrial applications, these meters are rugged and reliable 80 Series 3 & 787 Processmeter - versatility and unique safety features for industrial and electronic applications
27 Analog/Digital Multimeter - Extra rugged multimeter sealed for use in harsh industrial or marine environments. 45 Bench Meter - Feature rich, 5 digit 100,000-count bench digital multimeter. 867 Graphical Multimeter - Combines a high performance multimeter with a 1mhz waveform display.



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